Gone - Mrs. TWEEDY
  • [Scene takes place at the Hut 17 where Mrs. Tweedy works in the kitchen as fry cook.]
  • Mrs. Tweedy: Ah, who needs her? I can manage this price and do Ginger's job with me eyes closed [Flips burger and puts it on Krabby Patty] and my pockets full. [Brings Krabby Patty to Frankie.] Here you are, sir. [Slips off soda on the floor.] Whoa!
  • [Krabby Patty lands on Frankie's face.]
  • Mrs. Tweedy: Sorry about that. [Smells smoke and notices that it's from the grill.] Oopsey. [Blows off smoke from Patties] Phew.
  • [But the hat lands on the grill and causes fire.]
  • Mrs. Tweedy: [Screams] FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!
  • [Bunty and the chickens scream while running out of the Hut 17. Mrs. Tweedy has his head unstuck with the window and breaks the table and lands on the floor.]
  • Mrs. Tweedy: OK. Maybe I do need Ginger.