• Ginger: I was waiting on the bus.
  • Rocky: get to go to the bus.
  • ALF: (arrives) I'm on a hut school bus.
  • Babs: whoa! Bus is beautiful.
  • Bunty: yeah.
  • Mac: we can go.
  • (later at a classroom)
  • Fowler: attention we can't do that until you get home we gonna be have A good day
  • Ginger: (raises Hand) good I got it.
  • Rocky: you get it.
  • (later at cafeteria)
  • Ginger: I had to go eat.
  • Waitress Hen: sure.
  • (Later at playground)
  • Rocky: that's recess, ginger.
  • Ginger: yeah.
  • Babs and Bunty: (dancing in a Outside) nice park, ginger.
  • Ginger: thanks.
  • (Later at classroom)
  • Fowler: we had fire drill.
  • Rocky and Friends: yeah! That's Right Fowler.
  • Mac the Hen: we go outside.
  • Announcer: will be right back.
  • (commercials Appears)
  • (after 6 commercials over)
  • Announcer: now back to chicken run the Series.
  • Narrator: 4 hours later...
  • Rocky: Ginger, get out of here the school is on fire.
  • Ginger: hang on, Rocky (gets out of school and saved by rocky)
  • Babs and Friends: YAAAAAY!!!! WE SAVED GINGER!!!
  • Rocky: (hugs ginger) we love you.




Furrball don't do the song.